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Grade 5 – Field trip

Edify school, Kanakapura main 6road, Bengaluru arranged a field trip for grade 5 students to Nehru Planetarium on 17th of February 2023, in order to enlighten the students on concepts related to the solar system. At the planetarium, the resource person informed the students of the latest developments in the field of astrophysics and India’s contribution to the same. The students were also shown the movie “Our
Universe” which showcased the arrangement of planets, the position of stars, and other
interesting facts about the galaxy.
From fascinating shows on the stars and planets to an engaging, open-air science park, the Nehru Planetarium is one of the most beautiful public places in Bangalore that every student of any age group can enjoy.
‘OUR SOLAR SYSTEM’-This is a 40-minute show which first amazes the students with the beautiful night sky as seen from Bangalore and then proceeds to introduce the audience to the prominent constellations, mythological stories associated with them, the planets and their motion around the Sun and the Earth. All this is viewed using 3D animations and projected on the full dome create for fascinating view.
The night sky and our planets that go so often unnoticed in our humdrum lives and for our students it was like opening a plethora of questions to explore our universe.
Finally, the entire students visited the park and enhanced the science known in a better way. The trip proved to be an enjoyable learning experience for the students.


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