IK III Resource Person(Ms. Kala Hiremath)

Theme / Topic : The relationship of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun causes day and night and seasons

As an extension learning of Inquiry module – 3 on the topic ‘ Where we are in place and time’ a session was conducted by Ms. Kala Hiremath, the Academic Mentor of Edify School, Bengaluru for Pre-Primary IK – III children on 09/01/2018.

Ms. Kala Hiremath started the session by stating that the gravitational force makes us stick to the ground instead of floating. She also taught the children about the rotation and revolution of the Earth, the movement of the Moon, why the Sun is called the star and how day / night and year occur accurately. She also spoke about other planets of the solar system ,through an experiment using the torch and spherical shaped objects.

Children enthusiastically participated in the session. They wanted to know more about the Sun and the solar system .Children were very interactive during the session. The session concluded with a recap of the topic.