IK Kite Making Activity

A Kite is generally a toy consisting of a light frame with thin material stretched over it, flown in the wind at the end of a long string. Kite is taken as a symbol of having high aspirations and elevated vision. On the day of Makar Sankaranti it is an important ritual to fly kites. The festival spirit is showcased by flying the kites as high as possible. It is also considered that flying kites up in the sky is a form of thanks giving to gods.

The students of IK’s had their special activity of Kite Making. They made different kinds of colourful Kites. Children were also taught how to fly the kite. The children took part in the activity with lot of interest and enthusiasm. Children made beautiful kites with colourful papers. The Activity was conducted in their respective classrooms. All the children of IK’s enjoyed a lot.