Grade 1 Coffee Morning

The coffee morning was organized for the parents of the students of Grade I A ,B, C, D on Saturday 13/1/2018. The coffee morning is a unique way to present the inquiry cycle by students. Students display their knowledge and understanding about the content on a platform where parents and facilitators are the audience. The main idea of this event is to facilitate a healthy rapport between the parents and the facilitators which helps in building up a strong base for the overall development of the child.

At the onset, parents were shown a parent movie from School Cinema. The movie was based on “how a child learns from what they see” and the title of the movie was “Blootooth”. Academic Administrator, Pre-Primary, Ms. Rupa Sur welcomed the gathering and stressed how important it is to fulfill one’s childhood dream. She also spoke about the importance of coffee morning. HRT of Grade I A and I D Ms. Mita Das and Ms Kamya Singh Jamwal spoke about the holistic development of the child through 3C curriculum. The students of Section A showcased Inquiry Module III, section B and C showcased Inquiry Module II and section D showcased the Inquiry Module IV. Students showcased their learning under Inquiry Module in the form of display as well as dynamic presentations.

The students presented total three Central Ideas. The central idea of IM4 was “plants are the source of food for human beings and animals”. The presentation highlighted the importance of plants in our lives and how we need to keep planting trees to secure our future. The central idea of IM2 was “Every job has its own importance and responsibility “. This presentation highlighted how every job play a big role in our day to day life and how we need to respect them with dignity. The Central idea of IM3 was “Water is the centre of life”. This présentation highlighted how every drop of water counts and why we need to be careful about its usage.

The presentation was on different stages of inquiry module in power point .The students explained about the worksheets and activities they have done during all six stages. They took initiative to motivate and guide people to save our Mother Earth by saving water and plants and by respecting everyone. During the Making Connection stage, the inquiry modules were integrated with languages (English, Hindi and Kannada) and co-scholastic activities (art/music/sports). All the students of different sections presented songs dance and skit to show the making connection stage with different subjects.

Children were very proud to share the profiles they achieved. The parents were requested to provide feedback in the rubrics provided to them . Overall, the feedback received for the entire program was excellent.