Field Trip to Jain Temple, Jay Nagar

As an extension of learning activity of Inquiry Module 5 on the topic "Religion is a source of unity around the world", students of Grade IV A, B and C visited the places of worship - Jain Temple and Ganesh Temple on 16/01/2018. The main aim of the visit was to understand the fact that, all the religions lead to the same goal but the paths are different.

We started our inquiry in the field trip with a great gusto. The first destination was the Jain Temple a beautiful temple and one of the prominent Jain temples of Bangalore. This temple is dedicated to Lord Dharmanath Jain; he was the fifteenth Tirthankara of the present age.

Our children were wonder struck seeing the magnificient doors and bells, the huge pyramid like structure with beautiful statues inside. Our children visited the main place of the worship where the idol of Lord Dharmanath is kept .All the offerings to god is handed over to the priest who then takes inside the sanctorum and offers it to the deity. Our children had a novel experience visiting this unique temple in Bengaluru.

A spiritual speech was delivered by one of the head priest of Jain Temple.

In this field trip the children expanded their ideas widely on religion. All religious thinking appears different in outlook but the core concepts are same. All religions teach everyone to be compassionate, sharing and caring towards all living beings. They came back to school with fresh thoughts and beliefs regarding religion.