faKebook (Street Play)

Eleven Edifiers from grade VIII to X made their presence felt in the Miraculous Medal Theatre Festival held at Christ School (STATE) on 9th September, 2017. This school festival, supported by Vaz Dramatic Academy, was divided into two categories namely Proscenium Theatre and Street Theatre to fulfill the dynamic nature of education and drama.

Our students took part in the Street Theatre and presented a play titled ‘faKebook’ which depicts how dangerous social media could be: from deviating the students from their academics to creating fake accounts and fake relations. It even goes to the extent of breaking the religious harmony and cultural unity, the backbone of our nation. The play also criticizes the generation of today for their obsession and addiction towards latest gadgets, deadly games and how they are being cheated by the mobile companies and other networks people have surrendered themselves to. Though the major benefits technology are acknowledged, the play highlights our inner desire to go back to those bygone days when relationships were revered and people were more connected both socially and emotionally.

The performance was really entertaining and informative as the spectators, especially students, were seen watching the play right through enthusiastically. The dramatic day concluded with the valedictory function held at Christ School (ICSE). The enriching experience gained by the students is invaluable as this would help excel their skills and potentials in the days to come.