Media – Use and Abuse

“We don’t have a choice on whether we Do social media, the question is how well we Do it”

Social media has taken the world by storm. It has become one of the best mediums for transfer of information and knowledge in the world. It is usually the younger generation that uses social media than any other demographic but it is also important to inform students about the correct practices associated with the use of social networking. To bring awarenees in the students Workshop on “ Media –Use and Abuse ” for grades 6-10 was conducted by Ms. Poonam Mitra and Ms. Ramya on Wednesday, 12th July 2017 in the Synergy Block.

Students were asked to form group of 10. Each group was given chart paper and writing materials to draw and write uses and abuses of Social media followed by presentation from each group. Finally a question answer round was conducted by Ms. Poonam Mitra and Ms. Ramya. Following questions were asked:

1. How effect of social media is connected to self image?

2. Purpose of having Facebook and Instagram accounts and how to use these accounts meaningfully without getting into trouble.

To conclude Social media is an effective way for students to make friends besides being educative and informative in nature. At the same time there are certain disadvantages as well. The true challenge lies in overcoming the disadvantages and ensuring that the advantages create the desired impact.