Workshop on Street Play

What a dramatic day! We Edifiers, a team consisting of 5 Edifiers Ankitha from 10th grade, Abhiram and Shaunak from 9th grade, and Aditi and myself, Namita, from 8th grade showed our dramatic flair at the Theater Workshop at Christ University brought to us by along with many students from different schools.

The workshop started off with a wonderful ice- breaking session by Mr. Anand who is a famous street play artist and director who has a creative way of interacting with his audience. Being proficient in nine languages, he has directed over 3000 street plays. We couldn’t have asked for a more virtuous trainer than him. Standing in a circle, we played a very fun game- “Idli-Vada-Coffee” with three gestures, one for Idli, one for Vada and one for Coffee. Mr. Anand tried to confuse us by saying one thing, and doing the action for another. Apparently, we Edifiers were much focused and didn’t get mixed up with our actions! We also had a little sing-along session with a funny dance while singing ¬¬¬¬“Making melody in my heart”. Very soon, we were laughing and talking to the other participants like good old friends!

Following this, we had a brief talk about what street plays are, why we do them, how they’re different from stage plays, and his know-how from working with different artists and audiences. We got pointers to make street plays more effective and fun for the audience. We learned about connecting with the audience, stating problems, getting our points across, and asking questions and taking answers.

After gaining confidence in building a strong base, we were given a storyline for a funny play about waste segregation. Mr. Anand split us into two teams- Team 1 and Team 2. Aditi and I were in Team 1, while Ankitha, Abiram, and Shaunak were in the latter.

In the first team, Aditi played the Basketball player, and I played the Smart Person. In the second team, Ankitha played the Smart Person, Abiram played the Husband of the first lady, and Shaunak played the Basketball player and a Jogger. After half an hour of preparation, and a coffee break in between, the two teams were ready.

The day ended with a little talking session wherein we sat in a circle, exchanged numbers, and just talked. All in all, this workshop was amazing and I believe the only thing that could make it better was a longer workshop with more Edifiers with us to experience the same.