Rally for Rivers Campaign

Water is one of the most fundamental requirements for life. But the most important source of water – our rivers are facing a grave crisis. Ganga, Krishna, Narmada, Kaveri – many of our great rivers are depleting fast. If we do not act now, the legacy we hand over to the next generation will be one of conflict and deprivation. These rivers nurtured and nourished us for thousands of years. It is time we nurture and nourish them back to health. To create awareness about water resources Edify school, Kanakpura Road, organised ‘Rally for Rivers’ a nationwide awareness campaign in the school campus on 11th September, 2017.

Miss Usha a representative from Isha Foundation addressed the students and spoke about the importance of rivers and why we should save them from getting depleted. She also urged the students to reduce, recycle, and reuse water and to save each drop to have a secured future. “The simplest solution to rejuvenate India’s rivers is to maintain a minimum of one kilometre tree cover on riversides” said she.

A video on rivers with the message of the Sadhguru was shown to the students on this occasion and students were asked to repeat the pledge on the importance of Indian rivers. Students were given pamphlets to mark the occasion. They were also instructed to give a missed call to the number 8000980009 to vote to save rivers.