Quizshala workshop – Session 1

QuizShala is a quizzing-oriented developmental workshop conceptualized by Walnut Knowledge Solutions.

The first session of Quizshala workshop was conducted on Saturday 11/11/17 by resource person Mr. Rohan Jacobs from Walnut knowledge Solutions.

The workshop began with a participatory interactive session between Mr. Rohan and the students. They shared their hobbies and interests. He also encouraged the students not to bottle things up, ask lots of questions and expand their knowledge.

A small activity was conducted wherein the students wrote about their hobbies, interesting facts about themselves and what they want to be when they grow up. Each student gave their own reflections. This was followed by series of interactive quiz sessions wherein interesting questions were asked which encouraged the students to think beyond.

The session concluded with a very motivating quiz mantra which is as follows:-

‘Anyone can learn anything,

Whatever you do, give it your best shot,

Don’t fear failure!’