'Parent Of' Orientation Program

‘Spending time with children is more important than spending money on children.’

The orientation day for the parents on Parent as tutor was held on 24th June, 2017 at the Synergy Block. The quality time (10-15mins) that the parents spend with their children would promote and polish the skills essential for their academic excellence. Recalling and sharing his own experience, Mr. Jushoi explained how the games he had played monitored by his math tutor helped him secure astonishing result in the board exam. He wondered how these would have transformed the academic performance of many a student if the parents had known how to inculcate those skills at home. The parents were asked to share a thing they learnt from their own child wherein they came up with responses varying from being more patient and remain happy for no reason to taking a perfect selfie!

Ms. Shobha Managoli insisted the parents not to ask the child to study but to teach to them what they studied. Parent As Tutor programme, is one such platform that allows the child to unleash his/her potentials and achieve the goals. It is important that the parents to observe and analyze their children more keenly. They should enjoy these precious moments called quality time they spend with their children by involving themselves seriously in it, instead of merely engaging the students with their activities. PAT is a scientific programme as it is age appropriate, practical, achievable, skill focused and growth process oriented and in-line with what’s taught in school. The benefits of PAT range from the improved academic competency of the child to the better parent-child relationship. All these are made possible through Mai app which is India’s first intelligent parenting app helping the learning a more joyous experience.