Parent orientation programme – IK’s

The orientation day for the parents of IK’s was held on 27th May, 2017 at the school auditorium .The program brought all the parents and children together to achieve the goal of giving parents all the support of making learning a priority and to prepare their children for a fun filled and successful year ahead in the school.

Parents actively participated with lot of enthusiasm in the orientation day session.

Ms. Richa Taneja gave a warm welcome to all the parents.

The programme began with Ms. Rupa Sur delivering the welcome speech to all the parents gathered for the orientation. A brief description about our school was also given by her.

Our vision is to foster a society of individuals capable of progressive thinking, creating and initiating positive change to impact global community, through knowledge.p>

Our Principle ma’am – Ms. Daisy Bastian was introduced to the gathering.

Director Ma’am, Ms. Niti Mahendra in her address to the gathering stressed on Punctuality, Perseverance and Politeness as the key in a healthy evolution of a good citizen. She introduced all the staff members to the gathering as well.

She also gave a presentation which enlightened the parents about the organizational structure, admin procedures, 3C curriculum and CCE systems and parent involvement in the school activities.

There was a Question and Answer session, in which the parent’s queries were answered by Director Ma’am – Ms. Niti Mahendra.

Ms. Meenakshi V. delivered the vote of thanks on behalf of the school.

The parents preceded to the class rooms to have an interaction with the HRT’s and to explore the new environment they have chosen for their children to embark upon.