Parent Orientation Programme

“Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.”

The Orientation Programme for all the parents of students from VI to X was held on 10th June, 2017. Addressing the parents the Director, Ms. Niti Mahendra said that facilitators, being guides by side, allow their students to explore and exhibit their learning at Edify and hence there shall be no wonder if the classrooms seem to be a bit noisy here. Silence is never considered synonymous to discipline and the students shall never be pressurized to mug up the learning contents either. On the other hand, students scoring lower marks in exams have a greater scope for improvement. With the multiple career opportunities being set in the country, it will be inappropriate to judge their future on the basis of the marks they accumulate.

We are obliged to identify the passion in students and promote it to the fullest. Necessary guidelines were given to the parents on how to help the child pursue the perfect blend of subjects from the most appropriate board assuring quality and specialized training. It was explained precisely why a medical student should be taught the basics of entrepreneurship along with other core subject. The attitude of people considering a couple of premier institutions guaranteeing steroidal growth as the only haven of learning has too undergone remarkable transformation. She stressed on the importance of promoting observation skills and positive learning habits such as note making and recapitulation among the students. Since education doesn’t maintain a consumer and commodity relationship at all, respect towards the teachers shall be strictly adhered to.

Speaking to the parents, the Director briefed the academic schedule and co-curricular activities planned for this year. The students from grades VI to IX will have the privilege to have Coffee Mornings from this year besides the annual exhibitions and more number of field visits. Integrated assessment that revolutionized learning at Edify shall be continued as term evaluations from grades VI to VIII.

Aptly answering the queries of parents, she also announced the introduction of a Career Guidance Programme and explained how it is being planned. She cautioned the parents of the reverse effect of seeking the help of a personal tutor despite the quality education guaranteed at Edify. Though handling of teenagers in a nuclear family is challenging, parents are asked to monitor their free time habits and activities closely. With more periods allocated to sports, the students will be benefited preparing themselves more meritious for higher education.

All the Integrated question papers prepared last year shall be shared with the parents so that the students would be familiarized with the pattern of the impending integrated assessments while the learning resources for grade IX & X are easily available at the CBSE website. All the feedback boxes are being looked into very seriously as creative suggestions from the parents are always anticipated and aprreciated. The session concluded briefing the parents the on-going construction work of the new academic block, immediate initiative taken to avoid disturbance during class hours and the possibility of making the sports facilities available during holidays.