NIE – Times News Makers

Times NIE News Makers Meet in association with Manipal Hospitals was held at Rashriya Military School in Bengaluru on Thursday, October 31, 2017. The session was all about understanding the term ‘stress’ and how to deal with it. Dr H Sudrshan Ballal, Chairman, Manipal Hospitals and Dr. Nilima Rao, senior consultant Pediatrician (adolescents), Manipal Hospitals, interacted with students and answered their questions.

Dr. H Sudrshan Ballal, addressed the students who gathered from different schools. Every stage of life comes with different problems and must be dealt with at multiple levels. Teenage years are not years that one must fear or stress over. Stress is the only state of mind. Speaking on the topic “Healthy Teens My Responsibility for a Healthy Adult Life”, he gave students his mantra of six Ss for a healthy life: avoid smoking and tobacco, stay away from excessive sugar and salt intake, avoid sedentary life style, keep away from stress and spirits and deal with sadness by seeking help.

Dr. Nilima Rao, pointed out that the concept of adolescence has changed today with new research showing that the teen brain is still developing. Contrary to what was thought earlier, it is now accepted that the brain continues to develop well into teenage years, and hence it is important to lead a healthy life style. She stressed that every teen should tend to face pressures and must indulge in physical activities and have varied interests to overcome stress.

The event concluded with an interactive session with Dr H Sudrshan Ballal, and Dr. Nilima Rao, where the enthusiastic students posed several relevant questions on the above topic.