Lemon Spoon Inter House Competition

Lemon spoon race took place on a beautiful Wednesday morning of 19 September, 2017. Grades 1 to 5 participated in the competition. HRTs, facilitators, our Head Mistress, Ms. Daisy Bastian, and our Primary Coordinator, Ms. Poonam Mitra, joined the event.

There were 3 categories in the competition:

Category 1 - Grade 1 (A, B, C, D)

Category 2 – Grade 2 and 3 (A, B, C, D)

Category 3 – Grade 4 and 5 (A, B, C)

First round was the preliminary round conducted house wise in respective outdoor classes. Second round was again conducted house wise where four participants were selected for semi-finals from each house, 2 boys and 2 girls. This was followed by a final round where 2 participants were selected, 1 boy and 1 girl. The finalists of all four houses Earth, Fire, Air and Water, competed with each other.

All the children and facilitators cheered and encouraged the finalists of their respective houses. Poonam Ma’am and Daisy Ma’am participated with equal zeal. Our respected Director Ma’am, Ms. Niti Mahendra, graced the event with her presence and participated with immense energy and enthusiasm. She participated in the race conducted towards the end of the event for the house mentors with childlike energy.

Winners’ names were announced. Everyone appreciated and applauded for all the winners as well as the participants equally. The whole event concluded with great ardour and zest.