Inter-house Kho kho Competition

The Inter-House Competitions aim to enhance the communication of the students across different forms. July 8, Edify school witnessed a lot of energy running through its veins as it was the day for the Inter-house KHO-KHO competition. Everybody could feel the adrenaline rush through their bodies, specially the participating houses named Air, Water, Earth and Fire. It was held between 8:50 am. and 10:20 am at the Tennis Court. Each house had 12 members in it, out of which 9 players as active players and 3 of them as substitutes.

The competition was conducted by the sports facilitators Mr. Partha Ghosh and Mr. Venkatesha. Each house gave a tough competition to the other houses and students participated in the competition with great zeal. Defeating Air house in the first playoff and Water house in the second playoff, Earth house reached the final first. Beating Water house and Fire house Air house also qualified to play in the final. In the final, Earth house won the match securing the first place. While Air house became the runner up, third place and fourth place were secured by Water house and Fire house respectively.

Everybody was seen cheering their favorite team. They also experienced and realized the importance of sportsmanship, and how important teamwork is to win and succeed not only in sports but also in life.