Inter House TT Competition

Inter house Table Tennis competition was held at Synergy Block on 20th September, 2017. All the four houses competed against each other. The competition was conducted in two different categories: category 1 (grade 6 to 8) and category 2 (grade 9 & 10). With separate categories for boys and girls, each house had the privilege to have a participant in the final round. Each match was won by the player who scored 11 points first.

In Boys’ Category 1, Earth House and Air House reached the finals beating Fire House and Water House respectively. Earth house won the Final match and secured the 1st place. Air House won Second . Water house won the 3rd place defeating Fire House. In Girls’ Category 1, Water House defeated Earth house in the final match and secured the first prize. Defeating Fire House, Air House won the third prize as well.

Earth House won the first playoff match and reached the final beating Fire house in Boys’ Category 2 and won against Water House in the final game. Meanwhile, Fire house secured the third prize defeating Air House. Defeating Fire House in the first playoff, Earth House reached the finals in Girls’ Category 2 and bagged first prize beating Water House. Air House secured the third place defeating Fire House. The event helped to pit the table tennis skills besides enhancing and encouraging the competitive spirit among the Edifiers.