Independance Day Celebrations

Saluting India! Where each bud blooms in its true colours, where each day is celebration of unity, harmony and synthesis, Happy Independence Day!!!

Nothing is more precious than independence and liberty.

Let’s salute our nation on this proud and auspicious day.

It was a red letter day in the history of India when the country got her freedom on August 15, 1947. Independence Day is an annual national festival celebrated as anniversary of national independence to commemorate India’s independence from British Empire on 15 of August in 1947. Our school also celebrates this festival every year with fervor and enthusiasm. This year too, Edify school celebrated the 71st Independence Day with great enthusiasm and respect. The ceremony started at 9 a.m. in the assembly foyer in the academic block with respected director ma’am, Ms. Niti Mahendra, headmistress, Ms. Daisy Bastian, AA Secondary, Ms. Neelam, AA Primary Ms. Poonam Mitra, A A Pre-Primary Ms. Rupa Sur teachers and students.

Our beloved director, Ms. Niti Mahendra, unfolded the tricolor flag followed by National Anthem, which filled each heart with a feeling patriotism.

Cultural programs were organized to celebrate Independence Day. The program commenced with everyone taking the pledge “Sankalp Se Siddhi “ , which was recited by Ms. Neelam. This was followed by the patriotic song, Vande Mataram and an invocation song. The rhythmic journey continued with a splendid keyboard performance by students of Grade VI to X. The musical grandeur was taken forward by students of Grade X with their commendable guitar performance. Grade VI to X students set the stage on fire with their exemplary tabla jugalbandi performance in combination to the dafli beats. This performance truly stole our hearts. Children of grades IX and X beautifully and so truly proved that silence speaks much more than words do. They performed a brilliant silent skit with the theme being ‘Unity in Diversity.’ Each student performed well and the message was truly conveyed.

Following these heart melting performances were the semi-classical dance by Grade 4 and fusion dance by students of grade V to X, which charged the whole environment with excitement and thrill.

Towards the end of the program was long-awaited Hindi poem recitation competition for students from grades VI to X in which children set up a poetic aura by their patriotic poetries. The competition was guided by our beloved facilitator, Ms. Seema.

Our beloved director ma’am was invited to share her thoughts with all. Ma’am continued the poetic mood by reciting a very beautiful poem written by her in Hindi. The poem was followed by her precious words of wisdom.

The program concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Adithi Rao of Grade VIII. At the end sweets were distributed to the students.

Indeed, it is a day of grandeur, a day to be proud of, a day that gives us an opportunity to hold our heads high. It was a memorable day at our school with grand display of impeccable talents to show love and respect for our nation.