IK’s - Ice breaking Session

An ice-breaking session is an effective way of starting a session in an interactive way with lots of fun before the main proceedings, as they help children get to know each other. To begin the new academic year, an ice breaking session was conducted by IK I, IK II and IK III on 13th of June 2017 in their classrooms and arrangements were made to make them feel at home despite being away from the warmth and comfort of their mothers. They were introduced to the teachers and their new classmates.

The children of IKs were welcomed by giving them a head band with reindeer; teachers also welcomed the children with moana hand puppet (cartoon characters). The session started off with a circle time in which the children had an initial self-introductory round, the students were fully involved in the conversation based on greeting the teachers. Children also involved in games such as musical chair and aim me (Children will aim and throw the balls towards the cans).

During Movie time children were shown movies such as Frozen and Moana. Group activities such as preparing snowman with newspaper and cotton, and starfish with chart paper and colours were done. They also danced and enjoyed well. Thus, a momentous day came to an end, where the students enjoyed a lot and made their way back home with an endless talk about the fun filled day.