Puppet Show-Rangaputhali for IK III

As an extension to the special activity, a Puppet Show which was witnessed by IK III children as part of their IM-2 topic. Each puppet was made to resemble a particular character through facial features, ornamentation and coloring. The puppeteer’s dialogues were prerecorded and played at the appropriate times during the presentation. The long slender iron rods attached to limbs were used to make the puppets move, wave their hands and leap and jump with abandon. The size, colors and style of the puppet varied from one character to the other. It was a great form of entertainment for children as the puppets captured their attention. Kids were fascinated to see dolls moving about in the air and performing the dance.

The mythological stories narrated were depicted by the puppets using actions and gestures. After the show concluded, children were given the puppets with rods and were shown how to use it. Children were quite excited to share their views about the puppet show. Through this medium children develop their imagination, creativity and observation skills.