IK III- Resource Person - Mr. Partho Ghosh

Theme/Topic: Children express themselves through their actions and play.

As an extension learning of Inquiry module – 1 on the topic ‘Games are therapeutic both for the body and mind’, a session was conducted by Mr. Partho Ghosh, the sports facilitator of our school for the Pre-Primary IK – III children on 18/08/2017.

Mr. Partho Ghosh started the session explaining how games make us stronger both physically and mentally. He made the children do some warm up exercises and asked them whether they are aware of the game Kabbaddi. He taught them the rules and regulations of the game. He also made two teams and asked them to play the game by following the instructions given. The children were actively involved in the game. They were waiting for their turns to play and enthusiastically participated in the same. The session concluded with a recap of the game with the rules and regulations to follow.