IK's-Resource Person(Ms.Meenakshi Sheshadri)

Navaratri triggers the colorful memories of our childhood. Children were told why we celebrate the festival and to which Goddess we serve all the nine days. The importance of the festival was explained to the children as well.

A beautiful slide presentation narrating the story of the birth of Goddess Durga was shown. The presentation also depicted how Mahishasura was defeated by her at the end of the 9th day of Navaratri. Ms. Meenakshi explained to the children why we celebrate Vijayadashami which marks the victory of good over evil. Listening attentively to her, the children could grasp the content easily.

The children also visited the doll exhibition which was neatly arranged at the entrance of the academic block. They enjoyed watching the dolls and the stories narrated. They also received surprise gifts from Ms Meenakshi.