Coffee Morning by IK

Coffee morning is a unique program wherein the students are provided a platform to display their potential and progress at Edify. This is a platform to share with our parents some of the exciting things that children have been doing in IK over the last four months. The Coffee Morning of IK I was held on 11th October, 2017. The parents were invited to witness the presentation and the progress of their children and also get acquainted with each other. Ms Richa Taneja commenced the event with her opening speech followed by students’ presentation compeered by Ms Darshana Parekh.

The Program began with our children offering their prayer through a “Ganesh Vandana”. Children represented the understanding on “Alphabets” through phonics sounds followed by a dance performance on Alphabets. The pre-number concepts proceeded over an action song which was delivered to perfection.

Children presented the two very noticeable attributes of the world around us; “Colors and Shapes”. “Akhand Bharat” or “Undivided India” was represented though different states like Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Assam and Manipur.

Ayush, Suveer, Gagana and Jashvi of IK I presented some practical life activities showing their increasing independence through care of self and the environment in the form of “Napkin Folding” and “Rolling of Mat” activities. Profile Achievers of the last four months stood proudly in front of their parents. And the grand finale was a spectacular ‘Doctors’ day” dance performance.

Keeping in mind the varied interests of the children, each child was assigned a role which he/she executed much to our satisfaction. Indeed it was an edifying learning experience and a fun filled day for the children and the parents.