Grade1 Field Trip for IM3(Sir M Visvesvaraya Rain Water Harvesting Theme Park )

As an extension of learning to the Inquiry Module 3 – “Water is the centrs of life” the students of Grade 1 A, B, C and D and the facilitators had the opportunity to visit the BWSSB Sir M Visvesvaraya Rain water Harvesting Theme Park, 5th Block Jayanagar, Bangalore.

The children were very excited to go to a rainwater harvesting park as most of them had never visited a park of this kind.

We reached early and so the children and the facilitators sat inside the park waiting for the park officials to come and take us inside.

After half an hour the official came and asked the children to come inside quietly in a line. The children followed the instructions and we all went inside a hall. The official then told in Kannada facts about Bangalore’s water supply, the problems faced today and how rainwater harvesting has become mandatory for everyone now. Ms. Poornima translated in English for the children.

He then took us to another room and explained the way rainwater harvesting in done in houses. A model of that was placed in the room for the students to understand the functioning of the phenomenon.

There were 3 types of taps kept as a display which showed the amount of water wasted by each tap and which tap is the most efficient when it comes to saving water.

After all this we were taken to the auditorium to see a short movie on the reason, implementation and the benefit of rainwater harvesting. The movie was about a small boy whose mother didn’t have access to clean water. As a result she couldn’t wash his clothes and he was subject to bullying in class. In class he heard his teacher talking about what happens to the water when it rains. He got an idea of making a model of rainwater harvesting at home to solve the water problems with the help of his neighbor. He succeeded in his experiment and utilized the rain water which helped in solving their water woes.

The children and the facilitators thoroughly enjoyed the short film. It was a learning experience for all of us. Water scarcity is said to be the next biggest crisis the world will face. Availability of clean drinking water has become a major challenge in many parts of India and the world. This field trip made the children realize the importance of saving water in their own little ways. Our children are the future and their awareness towards this crisis will certainly make them responsible citizens when they grow up.