Grade1 Field Trip for IM2

As an extension of learning to the Inquiry Module 2 – “Every job has its own importance and responsibility” the students of Grade 1 A, B, C and D and the facilitators had the opportunity to visit the Jayanagar Fire Station located on Bannerghatta Road South Bangalore.

The children were excited from the start to visit a fire station as many of their favourite community helper was a firefighter.

After reaching there all the children were requested to wait inside a safe enclosed sitting area by the officials present, while the fire station officers started arranging the required equipments for the children to see.

Then the officials demonstrated the different types of hose pipes attachments used to stop fire in different places. The children were amazed to see the water display shown by the officials.

After the wonderful display of techniques of controlling fires, the fire station officials went on to explain the different kind of vehicles used in case of a fire emergency. The children were first shown a QRV – Quick Response Vehicle which is used to maneuver on narrow roads and lanes where the fire truck cannot entre. Then they showed them the main fire truck used for all fire emergencies.

Lastly the officials took the children to the water source in their fire station to as the children asked them where they got so much water from.

The children enjoyed the trip thoroughly and were curious till the end. They asked few questions to the officials which they very promptly answered and cleared their doubts. It was a very enjoyable and learning experience for the students as well as the facilitators. The children realized the importance of community helpers in everybody’s lives and returned with a lot of respect for firefighters and other community helpers.