Fire Fighting Methods

As soon as we reached Bannerghatta Fire and Emergency Centre, we were taken around by Mr. Raghavendra, the fireman and Mr. Hanumanthulu, the leading fireman explaining to us the various mechanisms involved in controlling the fire and immediate emergency services that they cater into. We were also told about four types fires, namely A type which can controlled using water, B type that involves oils and can be controlled using foam, C type which involves electrical short circuits and can be controlled using CO2 fire extinguishers or foams, D type which involves metallic fire in heavy industries and can be controlled by using DC Powder only.

We were shown different types of vehicles like Agni (Motorcycle fitted with fire extinguishers) for small fires, and water hydrant with 4000 liters of capacity for medium range of fires and 16000 liters of water storage capacity for huge fires and with various machineries that they use to control the fires. The rescue vehicle fitted with large ladders, huge ropes, and various machineries like lift openers, axe and other tools necessary for rescuing persons or animals from situations of danger like fire, flooding or high rise calamities were also shown to us.

In the end, the firemen of the station demonstrated the various techniques they use with the help of water hydrant to the students benefit. The students got first hand information about the need to take safety and precautionary measures to prevent and control fires. They also learnt about various mechanisms of controlling fires and learnt to appreciate the duty rendered by firemen in maintaining the order during calamities like fire, flood etc...