Field Trip by Grade 2

Based on our lines of inquiry on solar system, we at second grade went on our field trip to Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium. Children were seated inside the planetarium which was like a sky theatre. Children were excited because as soon as the show started the entire roof turned into a night gaze of stars and galaxies. They learnt about creation of black holes and gravity. Galileo who was a famous ancient astronomer spoke about planets.

Children saw amazing sights of all the planets and its surfaces. They saw stars and learnt how to distinguish between North Star and South Star and hence find direction at night. The sights of planets were breathtaking with splendid colours. Children were so excited that they clapped multiple times during the show.

Children also saw different phases of moon as the Earth rotates and revolves. The entire show was for an hour and children explored space beyond their imagination. They came back to school discussing about space, aliens, moon, international space station and showed immense curiosity in learning more.