Field trip to Bengaluru Palace

As a part of learning of IM 2 –Exploring homes.(Investigating homes around the world.) The students of Grade II A /B/C/D were taken to Bengaluru Palace for field trip of Inquiry Module- 2. We started our inquiry in the field trip with a great zeal and full excitement. Children were very enthusiastic and most awaited to reach the place. When we reached the place we got a warm welcome by the palace guide Mr. Munirajappa.

Mr. Munirajappa introduced us about Mysore Dynasty who made the whole session interactive and informative. He started his session by asking lot of questions to students related to kings and kingdoms and our children answered all questions enthusiastically. He initially explained the children about the monument, when it was constructed and by whom. Children were briefed about the importance of that palace and its unique construction.

The guide showed each room in the palace and explained the usage of it in those days. He has shown the different utensils used by people in those days for cooking. Children were introduced to different styles of construction in the palace like German, Italic, Belgium etc.

This field trip helped the children to inquire into orientation in place and time, personal histories, homes and journeys, the discoveries, explorations and migrations of human kind, the relationships between and the interconnectedness of individuals and civilization from local to global perspectives.

This field trip was organized to help the children understand the structure and construction of a castle called Bengaluru Palace.

Truly, it was an informative trip for the students as it helped them to investigate into houses around the world.