Coffee Morning-Grades 2A & 2B

On 18th November, Saturday, the coffee morning presentation of Grade 2 A and 2 B was conducted on the topic : The Solar system and Our Planet Earth. The presentation began sharp at 9:30 a.m as scheduled. The coffee morning is a unique way to present the inquiry cycle by students. Students display their knowledge and understanding about the content on a platform where parents and facilitators are the audience. The main idea of this event is to facilitate a healthy rapport between the parents and the facilitators which helps in building up a strong base for the overall development of the child.

Our Academic Administrator-Primary, Ms. Poonam Mitra rendered the welcome speech. She also spoke about the importance of coffee morning followed by a short movie on School Cinema. HRT of Grade 2A, Ms. Dipannita Chakraborty spoke about the holistic development of the child through 3C curriculum. The students of Grade 2 showcased their learning under Inquiry Module I in the form of display as well as dynamic presentations.

The main event of the coffee morning presentation started with children explaining various stages of learning to their parents. They also briefed their parents about the activities and teaching methodology adopted to teach the topic. Children exhibited immense confidence and pulled out the show with commendable ease till the end. They spoke about the learning cycle and the six different stages of inquiry module using the power point presentation as a tool. They took initiative to motivate and guide people to take action to save our mother earth. In Making Connection stage the inquiry module was integrated with languages (Hindi and Kannada) and co-scholastic activities (art/sports). In making connection with Kannada, the students dance on a beautiful song on Moon and Stars followed by a melodious Hindi song on pollution. In co-scholastic, the students performed Surya Namaskar showcasing all the 12 moves of Surya Namaskar. On the final countdown, there presented a skit which spoke about the awareness to save our mother planet.

Children were very proud to share the profiles they achieved.The parents were requested to provide feedback in the form of rubrics. Overall, the feedback received for the entire program was excellent.