Coffee Morning - Grade 7

The Parents and Facilitators share a healthy rapport which helps in building up a strong base for the overall development of the child. Coffee Morning is one such event in which the students get an opportunity to present their understanding of concepts of different subjects and also showcase their talents.

We had the 1st Coffee Morning for the secondary department on 9th September. The theme of the coffee of Grade 7 was “Human Invasions vs. conservation”. The students had integrated the theme with all the subjects like Social, Science, English, Mathematics, Hindi, Kannada and Sanskrit.

The event started with showing a parent film through school cinema. Then the Home Room Teacher presented the welcome speech and a presentation about the vision and education process followed in the school. After that the much awaited presentation by the students started. The students presented their coffee morning with full confidence and all the parents were overwhelmed seeing their children present such a splendid performance.

After that, the vote of thanks was proposed and the parents went on to enjoy hot cup of coffee beaming with pride and happiness.