Coffee Morning - Grade 6 A

Coffee Morning was held on 09/09/2017 for the students of grade VI A . The event took place from 9.30 am to 10.30 am in the respective Class Room . All children participated in the event. All the parameters and guidelines were explained to the children explicitly. The event started well on time. The Coffee Morning started with School Cinema in which Parent’s Movie was Shown . The Parent’s loved watching the movie .Followed by HRT Presentation of Coffee Morning which was done by Ms.Seema Madhu.

The Coffee Morning Programme started with Integrated Subject Science with Topic

1. Science in Everyday Life
2. Sorting materials into Groups

In which The Student’s presented a Demo on different types of Matter with a PPT Presentation followed by a Dance which was Integrated with the Subject. Science Subject was followed by Social Science with topicp>

1. Town planning in Harappa.
2. Drainage system in Harappa
3. Sorting of tools on the basis of hardness, sharpness, lustre, appearance in Harappan civilization.
4. Classification of towns on the basis of social divisions.

In which. the Student’s presented a PPT Presentation with Quiz for Parent’s. The Audience as well as the Student’s enthusiastically participated.

The Mind Mapping was also shown with Harappa Civilization as the topic and this in turn was integrated with Computer Science with Topic Mind Mapping.