Coffee Morning - Grade 6B

The Coffee Morning of Grade 6B was held on 9th September ’17 in the classroom. The session was opened by the Homeroom Teacher, Ms. Rinku Khare by welcoming the parents and briefing them on 3c curriculum. The theme for the coffee morning was The Universe ‘Brahmaand’. Students started off with Sanskrit sholkas on the planets as an invocation and then the big bang theory - the evolution of the universe.

A role-play on the solar system was followed by a presentation on numbers and their importance in the solar system with the inclusion of zero. Integration with Hindi was done when the moon entered the solar system and spoke on its importance, its different phases and the phenomena of the lunar eclipse. This was followed by the science PPT on motion and measurements with the help of beaker, ruler, measuring tape, weights , etc. This was followed by a very informative and enlightening interview with Aryabhatta. Next was a kannada skit on the topic ‘Mangalagrahadalli Putti’ which gave an important message to parents to save our dying earth. Presentation on computers had mind map using power point. The session ended with a scintillating dance performance to a song on planets by our students followed by vote of thanks delivered by Vice Homeroom Teacher, Ms. Rathna V.

All the parents applauded our students’ after each and every topic presented. Most of the parents expressed their opinion on the dais and they were extremely happy. Refreshments were served to our parents and they went back home reflecting on the day’s coffee morning.