Coffee Morning - Grade 5A

The coffee morning was organized for the parents of the students of Grade 5 A on Saturday 9/9/2017. The coffee morning is a unique way to present the inquiry cycle by children. Children display their knowledge and understanding about the content on a platform where parents and facilitators are the audience. The main idea of this event is to facilitate a healthy rapport between the parents and the facilitators which helps in building up a strong base for the overall development of the child.

At the onset, parents were shown a parent movie of School Cinema. The movie was based on the parent-school and parent-child relationship issues. Academic Administrator –Primary, Ms. Poonam Mitra welcomed the gathering and stressed that learning is a continuous process and the importance of coffee morning. The students of Grade 5 A showcased their learning under Inquiry Module I in the form of display as well as dynamic presentations.

Grade 5 “A” students presented Central Idea IM-I : Learning is a fundamental characteristics of humans that connects them to the world, wherein they spoke about the learning cycle, using the power point presentation as a tool. A series of skits on Alzheimer’s stressed the importance of memory in old age. The skits impressed the parents. Children explained about Roger Hart’s ladder and they pointed out the rungs they had achieved. They sang the poem written by one of them on childhood memories. Children also presented a role play in the inquiry and showcased their performance on stage. Children were very proud to share the profiles they achieved. The parents were requested to provide feedback in the form of a rubrics.