Coffee Morning - Grade 9

The decision to introduce Coffee Morning in the Secondary Section was whole heartedly received by the teachers and students alike. This resulted in making the parents witness one of the most amazing performances by their children depicting what they have explored in the first half of the academic year. The Coffee Morning of Grade 9 was held on 23rd September 2017 in the colourfully and creatively decorated classroom. Followed by the display of the School Cinema’, Ms. Ananthalakshmi, the Homeroom Teacher welcomed the parents to the much awaited event.

The theme for the Coffee Morning was ‘Jai Kisan’ (Food Production) with a well-woven integration of all the subjects. While William Wordsworth was seen admiring the melancholy strain of the ‘Solitary Reaper’, the discussion went on admiring farmers to whom we should be thankful every time we eat. The alarming increase in the rate of farmer suicides in India due to various reasons was discussed as well. In the economical aspect of food production, concepts varying from ‘factors of food production’ to ‘mechanized agriculture’ were explained. Feudalism and the crisis due to the shortage of food production being one of the factors leading to French Revolution (History) were thought provoking indeed. The essential physical features such as fertile land, source of irrigation and suitable climate were discussed under Geography along with the Indian drainage & river system, agriculture before & after independence, green revolution, etc.

The importance of food and following a moderate diet or ‘Mitahara’ (Mith=moderate) and (Aahar=taking food, diet) was explained by the students under Sanskrit. ‘Separation techniques’ under Chemistry, ‘the usage of biotechnology for the improvement of food resources’ under Biology were interestingly explained and demonstrated by the students. While Newton’s Laws of Motion were wonderfully explained using examples from real life situations under Physics, various practical applications of Coordinate Geometry with GPS & Agriculture were discussed under Mathematics. The Kannada skit of ‘Ragi tandira’ by Purandaradas and song received with thunderous applauds. Students dancing to the Hindi song ‘Desh ki darthi’ gave a colourful ending to the day’s event. Mr. Tony S., the Vice HrT, thanked the school, teachers, parents and students for making the programme a grand success. All the children were too excited to exhibit their potentials and progress in the presence of their parents.