Coffee Morning - Grade 8

The Coffee Morning of Grade 8 was held on 23rd September ’17 in the classroom. Ms. Kalyani K. S., the Homeroom Teacher welcomed the parents after the display of School Cinema. The theme for the coffee morning was ‘To Heal the Mother Earth’. The programme started off with with the recitation of Sanskrit sholkas on Lord Ganesha and Devi Saraswathi. The theme was presented within a timeline of Present, Past and Future.

Past((23rd September 1950) - The discovery of fossil fuel in India and a discussion on various natural resources like Coal and Petroleum along with metallic and non metallic ores and their uses was done. Besides an ‘Interview’ with Mr. Rabindranath Tagore’, with the recitation of one of his poems was done.

Present(23rd September 2017) - The causes for prevailing environmental concerns was done with presentations on Non-metals and acid rain. The exponential increase of our population with exponential decrease of our resources was explained as well. A drama on corruption was presented by the II and III Language Hindi students. The students also sang an original composition of theirs on ‘Soil Pollution’.

Future (23rd September 2050)- The presentation on increasing temperature of earth due to global warming and its consequences like depleting drinking water resources, drought, floods and submerging of coastal areas was done. Also a skit on the depleting drinking water was done by II & III Language Kannada students was presented. The students also sang an original composition of theirs on ‘Water Pollution’.

The session ended with the singing ‘Bhoomi Suktam’ for the well being of our Mother Earth and a scintillating dance performance by the students. Parents were amazed to see the presentation and expressed their heartfelt appreciation. Most of the parents expressed their opinion on the dais and they were extremely happy.