International Mother Language Day

“When languages fade, so does the world's rich tapestry of cultural diversity.”

To foster sustainable development, learners must have access to education in their mother tongue and in other languages. It is through the mastery of the first language or mother tongue that the basic skills of reading, writing and numeracy are acquired. International Mother Language Day has been observed every year since February 2000 to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

Edify School Kanakapura Main Road observed International Mother Language Day as part of the special morning assembly on 21st February, 2018. The news and weather report were readout in Kannada by Trisha V of grade VIII and a Kannada speech on the importance of mother tongue was delivered by the Ashwini M P of grade VII. The students of grade VI and VII sang a song in Kannada which was followed by a speech in Hindi by Manav Jain of grade VII on the significance of mother language. A skit on mathrubhasha in Hindi by grade VI and VIII students was thought provoking indeed.

The students of Primary Section celebrated the by narrating stories, fables and poems in their mother tongue and interpreted the same in English for other children who do not use the respective language as their mother language. A special assembly was conducted by the students of grade III on International Mother Language Day wherein the children performed a musical song and dance performance in which they greeted the audience in six international languages. The whole event took place as per schedule and concluded with a message of linguistic tolerance and coexisting in harmony with our fellow beings.

The students of IKs had their Mother Language Day celebration with great gaiety and fervour. Children were given the opportunity to speak a few sentences about their mother tongue. They were encouraged to use their mother languages to talk about their families and culture. They also celebrated the day reading poetry, telling stories and singing songs in their mother tongues. Students were amazed to find their friends speaking in different languages. Overall, the programme cast light on the importance of one’s mother tongue which was an endeavour stop this disintegration of language and culture.