IK's Color of the Month- March

The colour chosen for the month of March was Rainbow. Rainbow has seven colours beginning with red and ending with violet or purple. To remember the order of these colours, people use the acronym ROY G BIV or VIBGYOR which stands for Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet.

Red signifies passion, vitality, enthusiasm and security. Orange is a dynamic colour representing creativity, practicality, playfulness as well as equilibrium or control. Yellow represents clarity of thought, wisdom, orderliness and energy. Green denotes fertility, growth, balance, health and wealth. Blue is associated with Spirituality and Divinity.. Indigo colour represents spiritual attainment, psychic abilities, self awareness and enhancement of Intuition. Violet can ignite one’s imagination and be an inspiration to artists.

Students of IKs celebrated their Colour of the Month by conducting various activities. They coloured the picture of rainbow accordingly, and coloured the clouds as well. They also pasted cotton on the clouds and coloured the rainbow. All the students participated with lots of interest and enthusiasm and they enjoyed a lot. It was a fun filled day.