Field Trip Grade 8
Convention Centre, NIMHANS, Bangalore

“Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind” – Albert Einstein

National Science day was conducted at NIMHANS Convention Center on 27th and 28th February. Grade 8 students were given the opportunity to visit and explore the same on 28th February. The Science Exhibition was divided into three sections namely Basic Science, Behavioral Science and Neuro-Science. Various stalls were kept with models, power point presentations and games to make the students understand the concept and kindle their curiosity.

The students were able to gather valuable information on various topics such as ‘reasons for Parkinson’s disease’, Amyotrophic Lateral Syndrome (ALS), Genetic Imprinting etc. Aditi Rao, Sai Aishwarya, Deepanjali and Tejashree won the participation certificates by scoring 6/7 in the quiz conducted on Parkinson’s disease. They also attended a seminar conducted by Dr. Arunachal Udupi on the topic of ‘DNA – Information Warehouse’ and by Dr. Madhusudan Reddy’s session on ‘Effects of Anesthesia on the Brain’. It was very useful as the students understood the importance of brain and its functions in maintaining human physiological and psychological functions. This fieldtrip will definitely ignite their aptitude and interest towards science as a subject and pursuing its higher concepts.