Grade 1 Fieldtrip for IM5

As an extension of learning to the Inquiry Module 5 – “Festivals and Celebrations Reflect the Culture”, the students of Grade I-A & D and I-B & C had the opportunity to visit Shri Adinath Digamber Jain Temple in Jayanagar, South Bangalore.The excitement of visiting a Jain temple for the first time was very obvious for most of the children right from the starting of the trip.

This temple made up of white marble and is dedicated to Lord Dharmanath Jain, who was the fifteenth Tirthankara of the present age. We took a round of the temple premises before proceeding to the main sanctum of the temple where the idol of Lord Dharmanath Jain is kept. The priests showed the children the idols and put a tikka on every child’s forehead. One of the devotees in the temple showed the children the way they offer prayers.

The children took blessings from the priests there and saw different Jain idols. They also saw devotees cover their faces while offering their prayers. They got to know how each religion is different and how every culture has a different way of following their faith in God. They understood that in spite of all the differences, every religion teaches us the same things as God is one with varied names and forms in different religions.