Teachers' Training/workshop 2018-19 - Day 5


It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal educations-Albert Einstein

Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning-William Arthur Ward

Neurological studies have proven that curiosity facilitates the learning process by making our brain more receptive for learning. Curiosity is the key to positive learning. 3-C curriculum is woven around the spirit of enquiry.

Ms. Ankita Banerjee, Academic Coordinator (Senior Manager) at MDN Edify Education, Hyderabad, continued with her second day of exhaustive training workshop on philosophies of 3-C curriculum stressing on the importance of fostering curiosity in children.

She emphasized that 3-C is one curriculum which provided ample opportunities to students to enquire, explore and sort out information for themselves, which led to self learning. Ms. Ankita stressed that in 3-C teachers are facilitators who show students the path that leads to self learning. She guided the teachers on how to initiate and run an enquiry in the classroom. She explained various stages of an enquiry. Through the session the facilitators were encouraged to demonstrate their understanding by picking up topics from the content books and indentifying them with different stages, profiles and multiple intelligences learnt.

Ms. Ankita elaborated the intricacies of Academic Calender, Monthly Planner, Weekly lesson planners. The meaning and different elements of assessments were explained in detail. All the revised methods of assessments were introduced and updated to the facilitators expertly. The entire teaching staff found this training session very informative, innovative and interesting as it gave them an insight on how to follow the skills learnt in their classrooms.