Teachers' Training/workshop 2018-19 - Day 3


Mr. Zuber, the Project Head of I-Trust and Mr. Madan, an engineer working with I-Trust, conducted the I-Trust training session to abreast facilitators with the I-Trust software.

Research has proven that learning happens when students are continuously monitored. Assessments and records make an indispensable means of monitoring the learning process, progress and growth of a child.

Every module in the software was well explained to ease the usage of the same at work. Teachers were given access to internet in order to get a hands-on experience and a walk through the I-Trust software. The teachers were escorted on various methods of furnishing data and maintaining the records to better monitor the progress of each child. Few changes made in the software were updated artfully.

Facilitators found the session very enriching and handy. It was an impressive learning experience for all.