Teachers' Training/workshop 2018-19

Edify School - Kanakapura Road , Welcomes back teachers for the New Academic Session 2018-19 - Teachers' Training/workshop.

14th May 2018 marked the onset of new academic session 2018-19. The session began with a warm welcome address by our respected Principal, Ms. Pamela Ghosh. The new and existing staff was briefed on vision and mission of the school. The 3C curriculum was introduced to new teachers followed by a discussion on the profiles under each component of 3C curriculum.

Welcome address was followed by an ice breaking session between the new and existing staff. Primary Academic administrator, Ms. Poonam Mitra introduced the new 'Teachers' File' followed by introduction to inquiry cycle. This was followed by introduction and detailing of 'Assessment Structures.' Old teachers were briefed about their responsibilities and duties.

New teachers were presented with an overview of Edify School.