Student Council Election 2018-19


The Student Council Election 2018-19 was held on July 2nd ,2018. As scheduled , the event com-menced at 8.25 AM sharp

Children from grades 1-10 exercised their right to vote to elect the candidates of their choice for vari-ous positions. The elections also marked the onset of voting through ballet system at Edify ,followed by inking the index finger of the students in pursuit of making them aware of the voting procedure in a democratic country.

Our Vice Principal , Ms Daisy Bastian , briefed the children on the importance of elections in a demo-cratic country .Our Academic Administrators, Ms Neelam Sharma (secondary) and Ms. Poonam Mitra (primary), briefed the students about the voting guidelines to be followed . The elections were held in a smooth manner leaving everyone excited about the results.