Special Assembly- IK

Theme / Topics: Ramzan / Father’s Day.

The special assembly for the month of June was conducted on 26th June 2018, by IK - I, IK - II & IK - III. Their performance was based on the topics - Ramzan and Father’s Day. The stage was decorated based on the theme. The Assembly program commenced with a prayer.

The first performance was presented by the students of IK – II ‘A’, with a talk on their Father in English and followed by a spectacular dance on Father by IK - II ‘B’.

The IK - III children presented the significance of Ramzan with a song which was followed by an outstanding dance performance on Ramzan by IK - III.

This was followed by a brief talk on Nelson Mandela, his achievements and his quotes by IK - III which was an integral part of theme of the month - Principled.

The concluding performance was a splendid free style dance by the students of IK - I.

The event ended with rendering of the National Anthem.