Teachers' Training/workshop 2018-19 - Day 7


Movies presented by School Cinema are artfully designed to arouse emotional and general awareness among the children of various age groups. They are outlined to address varied issues faced by children in school and otherwise. These movies primly deal with various sensitive topics that are tactfully presented to impart life skills to be remembered for a life time.

Mr. Sachidanand, LXL Ideas Pvt. Ltd, conducted a stimulating session on the importance of school cinema program, which has been running in Edify for the last 5 years. He asserted that cinema is a powerful medium to develop various life skills, as 21st century children are gadget oriented and relate more to technology and media. Children connect themselves easily to such a medium of instruction. School Cinema also emboldens a feeling empathy.

The session concluded with a movie presentation for teachers. The entire staff enjoyed the movie and was convinced with the philosophy and ideology of School Cinema Program.