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    IK's Color of the Month - August

The chosen color for the month of August for IK-1 was white. This color signifies purity and peace. White, an inherently positive color, is associated with purity, light, goodness, softness, and perfection. White is the chosen color to be in the center of our national flag denoting peace amongst all. The students of IK-1 made a Rabbit using Cotton.

The chosen color for the month of August for IK-2 was saffron. Saffron, the vibrant color represents energy, warmth and enthusiasm. It is also the top most color of the Indian National flag symbolizing justice and courage. It is a religiously significant color which signifies renunciation and the destruction of ego. The students of IK-2 had an activity based on the color “Saffron”.

The chosen color for IK-3 for the month of August was green which symbolizes the renewal of life, nature and energy. Green is also part of the agricultural output which feeds humanity. Green is chosen as the bottom most color of the Indian National flag symbolizing growth in agriculture, nature and energy. The students of IK 3 made a frog with palm print cutouts, and they had an activity of making a caterpillar using green circles.

The month of August was very significant as all the colors of the flag brought a sense of patriotism among the children of IK’s.

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