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    Grade1 Fieldtrip(Trimuthy Adhyatmik Mandir, Kanakpura Road, Bangalore)

As an extension of learning to the Inquiry Module 4 – “Plants are a source of food for human beings and animals.” the students of Grade 1 A, B, C and D and the facilitators had the opportunity to visit The Trimurthy Temple located on Kanakpura Road, South Bangalore.
The children were excited very about the field trip. We reached soon and went inside the temple premises. The temple is located amidst lot of greenery. The place had lots of trees, shrubs, herbs and different kinds of plants. The children saw lot of plants and trees and recognized them as they have been reading about them in their Inquiry Module.
They saw trees like guava tree, jackfruit tree, mango tree, coconut tree, banana plant, gulmohar trees, shrubs like marigold, rose and hibiscus, herbs like basil and touch me nots. They were amazed to see the abundance of touch me nots there as one doesn’t get to see it very often.
The children enjoyed their short stay and could identify most of the trees and plants planted there. The place had a very calm and soothing effect as it was very green and made everyone realize the importance of plants for human beings and animals alike.

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