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    Recycling of Plastic - Field Trip by Grade 8A

Students of grade VIII had a wonderful opportunity to visit KK Pl K K Plastic Waste Management Limited, Yelachenahalli on 19 December, 2017 wherein they could gather first hand information about various mechanisms involved in the recycling of plastic.

First the plastic collected as dry waste was passed though a machine which separates the dust and dirt from it. The cleaned plastic was poured into another machine which shreds it into small pieces. Mr. Khan explained that these shredded plastic can be added to bitumen (KK Poly Blend) that is used in the laying of roads. This addition of plastic into roads increases life and tensile strength of the roads and they will be pothole free for a longer time. These can be used to make the plastic covers once again by making them into small beads by passing the shred in another machine. Mr. Khan took us around and explained and demonstrated as to how the plastic covers are made and then cut into desired shape, packed and kept ready to be sold.

The students got valuable information about the need to segregate wet and dry waste at the source itself. Also they saw for themselves how plastic was recycled and how the plastic covers were manufactured. The need to implement the 4R formula (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Refuse) was once again emphasized by this field visit.

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